Industry Solutions for Business Applications

To remain competitive, businesses must include strategies that harness the power of the online world.

Whether your focus is pricing or competitive intelligence, new systems integration, or simple market research, Atriks can provide useful data that allow all industries to benefit in unique ways.

Business Intelligence

Building the right business plan requires access to the most accurate information.

Atriks gives companies the data they need to truly assess market conditions as they conduct the following types of initiatives:

Market Research

Enterprises must have access to accurate online market intelligence that gets results. Without this corporate imperative, millions of dollars can be lost or misappropriated. Whether companies are assessing site location for expansion, conducting R & D for product pipelines, or researching the competition's newest strategies, all online market research is secure, and will not reveal your company's identity.

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Competitive/Pricing Intelligence

Remaining competitive in the marketplace demands unique insights into pricing and the competition. Managing a pipeline of products and services without complete due diligence can greatly affect the bottom line. Companies conducting data mining with automated harvesting tools will gain unfettered access to the market and their competition. Protect Your Initiatives +

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Mergers and Acquisitions Research

Thoroughly researching business partners and potential acquisitions is imperative to get the right fit. Product development, financials, and existing pipelines are necessary parts of a successful merger that must be researched and documented before moving forward. Companies who require complete anonymity for these initiatives will gain a more accurate picture on which to base pending mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, and will protect themselves from tipping their hand too early.

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A company's reputation is its calling card. Any fraudulent activities or breaches of intellectual property can result in lost market share, and ultimately lost revenue. Atriks provides data solutions that help investigative / security companies gain access to information for the following types of investigations:

Background Checks

The hiring process for many companies requires detailed background checks that include criminal history, verification of experience, education, and other qualifications. Getting the right information on potential new hires is assured with secure access that allows verification of pertinent information.

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Brand Protection

Investigating fraudulent activities that can jeopardize company reputations and future sales is necessary to maintain the brand. As these types of investigations are time sensitive, they require the right tools to gain quick and easy access to critical information. Whether companies are researching counterfeit merchandise, phishing schemes, or other crimes, all activities are completely secure and undetected.

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Intellectual Property

Ideas are a difficult thing to protect because they can be easily imitated and copied. Whether companies are investigating copyright or trademark infringements, or conducting research for intellectual property, all online activities remain completely anonymous.

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